Thursday, August 19, 2010

.:The Beginning:.

Hey Everyone!

This is my first blog on this site, and I am so excited to share my stories with you! I have been having a wonderful time since my 20th birthday in March, mostly due to the wonderful boy I am in love with. His name is Alex, and we met on, and soon after getting together for a session we really fell in love. It has been a wonderful couple of months. 

On August 17th Alex and I celebrated our 6th month Anniversary, and it was so incredibly amazing. I can't thank God enough for the amazing man he has blessed me with.

I have ALWAYS been into spanking, as long as I can remember. I've just recently started getting into filming videos and posing for pictures. It has been some of the best times of my life, and I love receiving the feedback from fellow spankers and spankees :)

I just started my sophomore year of college, but I will be making sure to keep up with this blog and all. I will be posting videos and pictures on here as soon as I figure out how!

Until Then!

<3 Alexia


  1. Hi Alexia,

    Welcome to blogging! I'm sure you'll find time for it in spite of the demands of higher education.


  2. Hello Alexia and welcome to blogging. I saw your link on Bonnies in with the new blog and decided to check it out. getting started can be alot of fun as well as give you headaches as you try to figure everything out.

    I'd also like to invite you to join the spanking bloggers network If you would like go to Spanking Bloggers Network Forum. and read the getting started and I hope to see you there. I think the forum would be good for asking questions like how to post pics and other questions you might have. Someone in the network would be able to offer help.

    I will also be adding your link to my own blogroll on my blog good to have you in the blog world.

  3. Hello Alexia. I just left a comment on Alexiasdaddy's blog as well. My good friend has introduced me to the world of DD because she is starting one with her husband. We talk about everything and I don't want her 'new' relationship to change our 'old' relationship, so I want to learn as much as possible. That's how I ran across one of your videos, which led to me being here. You and Alex are a delight. Not at all what I was expecting to find when you look up DD. What a relief. I feel as though I can put my preconceived notions to rest and wish my friend well with her new endeavors. Thank you for that. Anymore posts coming up?